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  • ①石からつくる!日本画体験 とことんコース(6時間)
  • ②石からつくる!日本画体験 おてがるコース(2時間)
  • ③名画の色塗り!日本画体験(3時間)
  • 開催予定のワークショップ

 ①石からつくる!日本画体験 とことんコース(6時間)














②石からつくる!日本画体験 おてがるコース(2時間)


























開催予定のワークショップ  | Scheduled Workshops


  • 2024年8月28日 イギリス ダートマス the Flavel にて

    Japanese painting workshop will be held in Dartmouth, England.  Date: August 28th



Traditional Japanese Painting: Create your own Hokusai!

Presented by: Yorecordar

A nihonga (traditional Japanese painting) workshop by Japanese artist Yorecordar, who will also be showing her work in the “Spirit of Japan” exhibition at the Flavel (August 26th to September 7th). Yorecordar will come all the way from Japan to give this special workshop in Dartmouth, so don’t miss out on the chance to try your hand at creating your own Nihonga painting.

About the artist:

Yorecordar is a nihonga artist who has given workshops across Japan. She creates her art by taking inspiration from the places she travels to and the people she meets.

Website: https://yorecordar.com/about/

What’s special about Japanese painting?

Nihonga (traditional Japanese painting) has become famous worldwide and is often associated with the stylized paintings of plants and animals by artists such as Ito Jakuchu and Hishida Shunso. The fundamental aspects of line and structure used in Japanese manga and anime are often said to have originated in nihonga. Nihonga uses natural materials, with paintings often being done on washi (Japanese paper) rather than canvas. The paint, which is made from powdered clay and ground minerals, gemstones, or shells, is mixed with nikawa (natural gelatin) using the fingers to create a characteristic texture that is very different from the paints used in Western art. Each colour is mixed on a separate plate, and Japanese fude (brushes) are used to paint onto the paper. Although brushes are used, the paint is often described as being “placed” rather than painted onto the paper.

About the workshop:
Traditional Japanese painting is usually a time-consuming process, so this workshop has been specially designed to allow you to experience it in 3 hours. To give you a head start, the instructor will prepare Japanese washi stretched over wood panels. The paper will be primed and have outlines sketched with Japanese ink for you to follow. All you need to do is mix your paints and start painting!

You will be able to choose from 3 designs:

  • Ito Jakuchu’s birds
  • Katsushika Hokusai’s Mount Fuji
  • Japanese dragon

You can take your finished painting home with you at the end of the workshop (with string attached for hanging).

This is a great chance for you to experience the distinctive feel of authentic Japanese paint and create a unique artwork using traditionally crafted materials from Japan. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Workshop details:

Date: August 28th

Time: 13:30~16:30 (3 hours) Studio opens at 13:15. Please arrive early.

Cost: £45 per person (Tickets available until August 16th)

Age restrictions: Age 10 or above (Children aged 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult who is also taking part in the workshop)

Please a bag to carry your art home (B5 size).

Also, we recommend that you:

wear old clothes. You may get paint on your clothes, so bring an apron if you are concerned about getting dirty. (The paint is water soluble but may be difficult to remove.)

don’t have long nails or artificial nails (you will use your fingers to mix the paint).


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上記、開催予定にもある通り、イギリス日本アート展示会「Spirit of Japan」主催ジョイスのぶえさんにもお声かけいただき、海を超えてダートマスでも開催予定です。お気軽にお問合せください。



開催の場合はトランスアート学舎  より告知しますので、よろしければフォローください。日本画ワークショップ以外にもイベントあります。